Horse Boarding

We board horses at the Running E Ranch.  We can
typically accommodate 8 – 9 horses in addition to our
own.  Horses are turned out during the day and stalled at
night.  Horses are turned out in groups of 2 to 5.  Horses
are fed twice a day.  We bed with sawdust.  We use
electric water buckets in the winter.  We have 8 different
pastures with automatic water fountains. We have an
outdoor arena that measures 100′ X 200′.  It is equipped
with roping chutes and lights.  We have an indoor riding
area that measures 50′ x 60′.  We cater to local 4Hers and
Purdue students.  Give us a call if you have a horse to
board!  The 2 page board agreement can be downloaded
by clicking the link at top of this page.

The base board rate is $280/month/horse.   Board rates
are subject to change at any time depending primarily on
our expenses.  We prefer to feed our own grain and hay
which is included in the board rate.  The rate may be
adjusted if boarder supplies own feed and/or hay.

We often provide part time work for boarders/others for
working at the pony rides, baling hay, etc.  The ranch
help is paid by email submission of the time sheet accessed from link below.